EdFence B.V. is a leading manufacturer in fencing. Many years of experience and the knowledge of the fencing market makes the foundation of this organization.
We are specialized in innovative techniques; as a result, we developed a revolutionairy and patented new production method. The selection of fences is being designed and developed by EdFence B.V. and in every commodity our new production techniques are applied.


One of the advantages of these new techniques is the speed of producing fences. As a result, we can deliver every desired type in a short notice, most of it is in stock.
EdFence B.V. means "economic designed fences", which guarantees a high quality product and competitive prices.


EdFence B.V. is aware of the importance of a “green” and energy efficient production process. Respect for man and nature is the basis of our patented techniques.
The power of production without welding results in speed and price, and the sustainability of our products. The internationally recognized quality standards are being exceeded by our latest production process. That’s why the quality of our products can always be guaranteed.
In every aspect, you’ll get a superior quality with a guaranteed fast delivery, for the best price! Do not hesitate to apply for an offer.


Pay attention to the enviroment ! This is a very important aspect for us within our company and production processes. Our company meets the highest standards and requirements, defined by the authorities. Naturally we use an electronic invoice and handling system.