EdFence BV is a dynamic and innovative company, the product of a decision to develop a production process which guarantees a highly sustainable and economic production method for fencing.

The production process is very efficiënt due to the cost-effective aspects and speed at which the fence panels can be produced, according to customer coordinated design and with various materials, and very sustainable due the fact that we have developed a complete weldless production method. Our own in-house engineering enables us to design many types of fencing as well as the production machines.


EdFence has a network of several associated international fencing manufacturing companies which are today fully producing with the EdFence system.


‘EdFence, Advance by Innovation’

The EdFence company is founded by a team of motivated, innovative and experienced entrepeneurs. Each member having their own unique contibution to the team, which made it a strong unit.


In the traditional way of manufacturing railing fences, several kinds of welding  techniques are being used. Then, upon customer’s request, the product will be finished by for example coating the product. This process brings along many logistics movements. This fairly long production process, relevantly large stock requirements, delivery lead times up to 5 weeks, especially for custom made orders, are aspects which considerably increase the costprice. In our ‘ Economic Design ‘  section you will find an overview of the advantages of the EdFence System !


Are you interested in the production technique of EdFence and do you think that we can contribute to you or your company ? Or are you looking for an innovative production process within your fence manufactoring company ?

Please contact us, and we are happy to make an appointment.




Pay attention to the enviroment ! This is a very important aspect for us within our company and production processes. Our company meets the highest standards and requirements, defined by the authorities. Naturally we use an electronic invoice and handling system.